Catching children before they Fail…………the Right to Read program.


The Program Vision

  • Every child at potential risk for reading problems will be provided with support at the earliest possible stage in their educational career
  • Every child in kindergarten and grade one will be screened for potential reading difficulties
  • All teachers will have the capacity to provide effective intervention to children at risk for reading problems


Right To Read Workshops for BOTH English and French!  

NEW!  The Right To Read Program is available ON-LINE for English language, Kindergarten and Grade 1 educators!!



Right to Read is a program developed by psychologists and reading specialists to help identify and support children with reading difficulties in their Early school years, as well as children whose first language is not English.


The Reading Readiness Screening Tool was created by an expert panel of the Learning Disablities Association of Alberta (LDAA) to provide kindergarten and grade 1 teachers for the English program and grade 1 and grade 2 teachers for French Immersion with an accessible, affordable measure to screen all of their students for reading readiness skills.  Poor phonemic awareness is a significant risk factor for future reading disabilities.


The Reading Readiness Screening Tool workshop informs participants how to administer the screening tool to students. A subsequent workshop, Assessment Informs Instruction, provides participants with an opportunity to discuss their experience administering the screening tool and to learn relevant intervention strategies.


“The reading interventionists at my current site have discussed RRST results with me for students we are working with. Depending on the performance, on subtests, we then have a better idea of where to begin our intervention program. Some classroom teachers administer RRST themselves, and if they do they add to our dialogue as well. This has helped us collaborate to better meet the student’s needs. This training and tool are leading to very good results for our students. I have practiced a few subtests, and am understanding my students needs in reading quicker than before, when I tested school using instruments from many developers and sources.”                Participant, Right to Read


The screening tool as well as teacher and parent activities documents are all free to those who attend the workshops.


The LDAA facilitates the two-part workshop series for primary school teachers :

  • in individual schools
  • from multiple schools in school jurisdictions
  • from multiple schools through regional consortia
  • from multiple schools through teacher’s conventions
  • from multiple schools through scheduled workshops


Teachers can access the program on-line or as a two-day workshop in their community. 


Register now for the on-line workshop via Eventbrite.

The community workshop is offered in two-parts:

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to the Reading Readiness Screening Tool (RRST)
  • Workshop 2 – RRST Follow-up – Assessment informs instruction


2016 Community workshops 

Summer Session – English Edmonton  – Book it now via Eventbrite

Workshop 1 – August 18, 2016 (9 – 3pm) – L.Y. Cairns School

Workshop 2 – August 19, 2016 (9 – 3pm) – L.Y. Cairns School

Right To Read On-Line Course  – Book it now via Eventbrite


Workshop Information

Please contact info@righttoread.ca or call 780-497-0407 for further information.

To book a workshop for your school or jurisdiction, contact Joanne at heckbert@albertacom.com.