Testimonials from teachers and parents on the Right to Read program.


This was the best workshop I've taken for a long time.

- Joan

This learning opportunity was meaningful because of its relevancy and practicality. I am able to take what I learned and apply it in my classroom immediately.

- Workshop participant

It was hands on. I walked away with realistic tools that I could implement the next day. Great value for the cost. Lots of resources were given to us and shared with us to print off.

- Workshop participant

"This training and tool are leading to very good results for our students."

- Workshop participant

Online Workshop

The test has already helped me to pin point some specific areas where students need direct support. For example, I was surprised to learn that my son has difficult identifying sounds at the end of the words. Recognizing sounds in the middle of words did not surprise me. What shocked me even more is the difficulty he had recognizing rhyming words and generating rhyming words. I almost started crying when I learned this! I learned so much about my son’s phonetic abilities by assessing him myself. I highly recommend that a teacher do it rather than having someone else like an educational assistant or another teacher assess a student. The learning that can take place about a student’s phonemic abilities is extremely important in better understanding the next best learning steps required.

- Assistant Principal, CBE

"I am excited to see the growth between the beginning of the year testing and the end of the year testing. I have already begun to incorporate more syllable and phoneme detection plans into my everyday lessons, and am finding it very helpful and beneficial."

- Erika, Online participant